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1986plus +++ Newsletter/Blog – Ibrahim d’Ewood

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1986 Plus +++ Newsletter/Blog – Ibrahim d’Ewood

King of Heaven

Zeruko Erregea – King of Heaven

discount token house of ewood strong faith

Launch Year 2021


buy tessera domum fortis fidei ewood


خصم بيت رمزي من خشب الإيمان القوي


deskontu token etxea ewood fede sendoa


maison symbolique d’ewood foi forte


casa simbólica de ewood fe fuerte


lascaine token house of ewood creideamh láidir


gettone di sconto casa di ewood forte fede




ইওড দৃ strong় বিশ্বাসের ছাড় টোকেন ঘর


токен дом из ewood сильной веры


rabatt symbol hus av ewood stark tro


בית אסימון הנחה של עץ אמון חזק


ਈਵੁੱਡ ਮਜ਼ਬੂਤ ਵਿਸ਼ਵਾਸ ਦਾ ਛੂਟ ਟੋਕਨ ਹਾ houseਸ


atlaides žetonu ēka ar stipru ticību


casa de token de desconto de ewood strong faith

Scots Gaelic

lasachadh token taigh ewood creideamh làidir


էվուդ ուժեղ հավատքի զեղչի խորհրդանիշ տուն


oken hus af ewood stærk tro


rabatt token hus av ewood sterk tro


indlu yamathokheni esaphulelo se-ewood ukholo oluqinile


disgownt tŷ tocyn ewood ffydd gref


אַראָפּרעכענען סימען הויז פון עוואָאָד שטאַרק אמונה


casa de fitxes de descompte de forta fe d’Ewood


ईवुड मजबूत विश्वास का डिस्काउंट टोकन हाउस

My First Job& Beyond – Work Hard-Play Hard

My first job was at Lockmill Service Station, just a Couple of Minutes Away from Ewood Park

The job was as a Part-Time Cashier at a busy Petrol Station in 1986 in Ewood, Blackburn, Lancashire where I was introduced to the Music of Joy Division & New Order by a fellow Cashier who was a few years older than me.

I used to play the music tape full blast at the Petrol Station which seemed to attract more customers than it did drive them away.  The type of customers ranged from the Romany People of the nearby Gypsy Camp to Don Mackay, Manager of Blackburn Rovers.

One evening the Star Snooker Player Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins & his Manager came in lost until I directed them to the right place. At the time of his 1972 triumph at the World Championship, Higgins had no permanent home and by his own account had recently lived in a row of abandoned houses in Blackburn which were awaiting demolition. In one week he had moved into five different houses on the same street, moving down one every time his current dwelling was demolished .

In the Summer of 1987 I worked both at the Petrol Station Part-Time evenings & full shifts & overtime at the Royal Ordnance Factory, Blackburn where I signed the Official Secrets Act!

Further Education Dropout—1987-1991

After gaining an A/O-Level in Electronics & 3 A-Levels in  Maths, Physics & Chemistry In 1986/1987 at St Mary’s College, Blackburn I went on to Huddersfield Polytechnic Reading A 4 Year Thin Sandwich Course in BEng (Hons) Electronic & Information Engineering—I failed the 3rd year twice in Debt but now I am a Student of The University of Life—Reading >>> Thomas The Tank Engine & The Faraway Magic Tree & Study the Qur’an Praying For Peace – Throughout my Adulthood I have followed the Ups & Downs of Blackburn Rovers & Play Football & Cricket & Pool & also tinker with Electronics & in Software & Social Media!

Music Making On Computer & Helping Others On Redbubble Art Online Shops Therapeutic Work & Enjoyment

I have been using keyboard virtual synth software & tracker software to create music in my living room for many years and quite recently acquired an Arturia Spark  drum machine!

Most songs I have composed are without lyrics but speak volumes of relaxation in a torrid world of love & laughter.

I will make a CD of 12 Compositions & distribute it freely with the next Newsletter in a month’s time.

The title of the Collection will be

‘The Camel of Whalley Range Bazaar!’

See – DJ Lancs Redbubble Online Shop

Waiting for Father Christmas – Cufflink City!

Only 5 Months until Christmas Day & I don’t have a Sleigh to ride on yet but I do have a Pair of Vintage BMW Cufflinks which you need a Double-Cuff Shirt To Wear On with matching BMW Front Bonnet Badge bought from a BMW Junkyard. I bought the Cufflinks in a Charity Shop a few years ago & I have Other Cufflink Sets!

My 1970s Comic Hero With Us On Youtube

Max Wall

For Small 2 Medium Size Businesses

Better Than A Postal Mailshot Is To Be A Sponsor of 1986plus where you get a mention on a unique Blog Article made into a History of your Business from the year it started to the Present & how you have coped with Lockdown – Phone: 07828 199 405 for an Inclusion

Salaam Cricket Club

Based In England, We Are Looking For A Sports Ground To Play Friendly Cricket Matches Against Fellow Amateur Cricket Sides In 20/20 Matches.

We are also looking for players Age 18-plus to Join the Newly Formed Club In June 2021.

We also need Sponsors To Buy Cricket Whites & Bats For A Squad of 15.

Salaam means Peace & We Wish To get The Message Across The World.

We will challenge any Amateur & Professional Cricket Sides From Anywhere On Earth!

Phone: (UK) 07828 199 405 To Arrange A Match or Leave a Comment & Subscribe

Coin and Cufflink Gifts @CoinJewelsGifts On Twitter

Special Gifts For Birthdays – Fathers Day – Mothers Day – Eid – Easter – Christmas – Anniversaries & More Such As Collection of Coins & Sale of Double-Cuff Shirts – Just Call 07828 199 405 – Your Year of Birth Minted Coins of Many Nationalities Either Fitted With a Chain For A Nice Necklace & A Ring With Coin Embossed & Cufflinks Free With A Double Cuff Shirt With The Year Special To You or Your Husband, Wife, Partner, Family Member & Friends Necklace Coins – Just Call 07828 199 405 or Tweet: @CoinJewelsGifts

Especially For Football & Sports Fans, Ask For A Coin For The Year When Your Team Was Formed Like 1875 For Blackburn Rovers & We Will Endeavour To Find A Coin Of That Year – You May Like To Start A Collection of Coins For When Your Team Won A Trophy Such As 1995 For Blackburn Rovers Again or Perhaps When Your Team Has Won A Cup 3 Times In A Row For 3 Coins For The Price of 2 Like Blackburn Rovers Who Won The FA Cup 3 Years In A Row In 1884, 1885 & 1886 – Coins Can be Made Into Rings, Earrings, Cufflinks & Necklaces or Merely Collected 1 Per Order – Phone or Text : 07828 199 405 or Leave A Comment & Leave The Rest To Us

EntreBusy Global

EntreBusy Global – EBG 2021

My first sale came in Galilee in 1991 when I sold a pack of razor blades to the Boss of a Joiner’s Shop a couple of miles from the Kibbutz where I’d had a working holiday which was very enjoyable. The Joiner didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Hebrew but we both spoke a bit of French to close the sale for enough cash in shekels to pay for the bus fare to Tel Aviv.  When I arrived in Tel Aviv by bus I needed to get to Ben Gurion Airport which was quite a distance from Tel Aviv central and having no cash again I sold my camera to a camera shop in Tel Aviv central.  As I was hungry by this time I made sure to do a deal to cover something to eat and have enough leftover for the bus fare to the Airport after 3 months away from Home.

In 1995 I setup a business selling Internet Access & Webpages and I have kept up with Technology.

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