Ibrahim d’Ewood Introduction – About Me!

When I was born on 16th January 1968 I was less then a day old but I suppose my late Mum would say I was already 9 months full of Life. I was born into a Family of 5 older sisters and 3 years later I had 6 sisters. In fact my first memory was of getting out of a taxi with Mum & my newly born sister. I can remember the white blanket around my little sister. We were always a close Family. Mum & Dad worked hard to keep us healthy & fed well although as toddlers we would have a bath in front of the fireplace!

I had a great childhood with many photos to prove it. My favourite toy was a Hot Wheels car set and I had both an Army Uniform & A Cowboy Outfit. I loved football from a very young age and I was only about 4 years old when I went with my Dad to watch Blackburn Rovers play at Ewood Park which was about 150 yards away from our home on Bolton Road, Ewood. In fact when I researched my Family Tree I found that 4 Generations Of My family lived on Bolton Road & That Is Why my pen name is Ibrahim d’Ewood – Ibrahim being Islamic which Faith I switched to from being Catholic about 6 months ago!

I have been self-employed since 1991 and was one of the first to start an Internet Business in 1995 when I received an AOL disk through the post at the Print shop where I worked and I immediately went downtown to buy a modem. Once I had installed the software on the disk & got the modem working I went into a Virtual Chat Program & found myself chatting to Americans across the Pond in the United States! I decided to call my Company 8th Wonder Internet as once when Mum & Dad came home from a Parent’s Evening, Dad said, “He Thinks He’s The 8th Wonder of the World!!!”

eBay started in 1995 & the Browser which I installed Internet Access To both Home Users & Small Businesses was called “Netscape Navigator” <<< Click For Wikipedia Page – In 1995 Blackburn Rovers Won The Premier League Title & A Local Artist Had Sketched The Rovers Players & With The Boss Of The Print Shop We Printed The Sketches In Bulk As A Gift For Fathers Day In Cardboard Tubes & We Struck A Deal With Many Newsagents & Public Houses To Sell Them On Sale Or Return with no Initial Layout. Also I advertised the Prints On a Webpage & Sold Each Player Print For £1 each asking buyers to send a pound coin taped to a piece of card. I once got a pound coin from Malaysia!

I have set this blog up as it is free & very well ordered & it will help in conveying others to the Skills of Social Media Marketing! Twitter @CoinJewelsGifts Over 4,000 Followers!

I have a lot of self-employed work experience mainly cooperating with the latest tech news & gadgets but I like antiques & collectables & retro 70s/80s electronics & computers! I have some musical talent using a 25 key keyboard & software synth & drum machine!

I have an Etsy Shop – BroguesBanter Currently With A Rotary International Metallic Case For sale At £10 – It Will Make a great Gift for Anyone!

Thank You For Reading This Introduction Blog Article – Kind Regards, Ibrahim d’Ewood

Come On You Blues!

I will try & report Blackburn Rovers & other teams news & results with Match Reports On This Blog – Thank you Once Again!

Published by ibrahimdewood

Internet Marketer Since 1995 - Blogger - Comedy - Football - Shopping Online - Etsy Shops (The Way Forward) - Revert Muslim (There Is No God But Allah & Mohammed Is His Messenger) - Blackburn Rovers Supporter As Seen In My Profile Picture With Rovers Hat - Into Men's Fashion & Good Hygienic Food From Local Eateries - Just Became A Google Local Guide - Programming Computers Since 1982 - Sold Over The Internet Since 1995 - I Like Helping Others As Best I Can To Promote Local Custom

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