Gold Plate Service

A new service for all types of Plating coins & jewellery to make your pennies count for more & your rings, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links, keyrings & more up to sparkle!

Just Register Your Interest By Commenting On This Blog Article – Coins can easily mean something from the date they were minted shown on the coin itself – For example a coin minted in 2000 would be a great gift for anyone still awaiting their 21st Birthday this year 2021 – You could also have a coin gold plated to coincide with your Wedding Anniversaries to Surprise Gift to your Spouse!

I will post each new gold plated item on twitter FacebookInstagram – so immediately your coin will go up in value – Just Leave a Comment To This Blog Article or Tweet @CoinJewelsGifts with the coin minted year that means something to a Loved One!

Another example as an Indulgence is in supporting your local Football Team when you can ask me for a coin minted in the year they were Founded or Won a Trophy – Such as 1875 & 1995 for Blackburn Rovers having been Founded in 1875 & Winning The Premiership In 1995 – There Are So Many Opportunities For All Types of Clubs Such As Cricket Clubs, Working Mens Clubs, Conservative Clubs, History Societies & University Graduation…

I already have normal coins for sale on Etsy which you may like to look through for significant years like birth year or the year you were married or became engaged – My Etsy Shop Is At

Update: On The Same Day That I Wrote This Blog Article a Year 2000 50p Coin In Change Was Given To Me – I Was Given An Option of A £1 Coin or 85p In Change & I Chose The Change Over The £1 Coin – Immediately I Checked The Year On The 50p Coin In The Change Using A Magnifying Glass & I Was Overjoyed To See That It was Minted In The Year 2000 !

Before Placing It On Etsy I Will Have It Made Into A Keyring For Anyone Celebrating Their 21st Birthday In the Rest Of Year 2021Old Fashioned Celebration Gives 21 Year Olds The Key To The Door – I Have Just Started Dealing In Coins & Now For The Rest Of Year 2021 I Will Pay £5 For Coins Of Any Year 2000 Minted Coins i.e. £2 – £1 – 50p – 20p – 10p – 5p – 2p – 1p – Year 2000 Coins Are Quite Rare – Also I Will Buy Any Year 2000 Foreign Coins Of Any Size & Worth For £3 ! Just Click – Amanda Is The One Who Makes The Keyrings From Coins

Anyone can Start Dealing In Commemorated Coins From the Change In Your Pocket – The Service Of Gold Plating Also Applies To Jewellery That Is Jaded !

A Magnifying Glass Or Eyepiece Is A Good Start As Well As A Display Box With A Perspex Lid – I Offer A Finding Search For Any Year Minted Coin So You Don’t Have To Work Hard Which Is Free! – I Can Supply Magnifying Glasses & Eyepieces & Handmade Display Boxes At A Good Price Please Comment

Any Gold Plated Coins You Buy From Me I Will Buy Back Off You In One Years Time From Purchase At An Agreed Price At Least 1.5 Times Of The Purchase Price You Initially Paid – All Gold Plated Coins Bought From Me Will Be Packaged With A Free Gift Box & Free Delivery!

Thank You For Reading This Blog Article – I Hope It Gives You A Business Idea!

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Kind Regards, Keep In Touch – God Bless

Ibrahim d’Ewood

Published by ibrahimdewood

Internet Marketer Since 1995 - Blogger - Comedy - Football - Shopping Online - Etsy Shops (The Way Forward) - Revert Muslim (There Is No God But Allah & Mohammed Is His Messenger) - Blackburn Rovers Supporter As Seen In My Profile Picture With Rovers Hat - Into Men's Fashion & Good Hygienic Food From Local Eateries - Just Became A Google Local Guide - Programming Computers Since 1982 - Sold Over The Internet Since 1995 - I Like Helping Others As Best I Can To Promote Local Custom

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