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Do you have a Company Blog?

All Funds Raised Will Go To Providing Deprived Families With 70p Bottles Of Milk In Glass Milk Bottles Which Are Returnable!

If You Don’t Have A Company Blog, I Will Write You A Blog Post On This Blog, 1986plus, For Less Than £10 Per Blog Post Every 3 Month Quarter – That Works Out At £7 per Year i.e. £21 For 4 Quarterly Blogs – Programming Computers & Writing Blog Posts Are My Forte Along With Social Media Management On Twitter & Instagram !

Go On Then! You’re Thinking About It Aren’t You? I’ll Author 4 Quarterly Blogs On 1986plus For £16 – That Works Out At £4 Per Blog Post & I Will Show You The Statistics Of Each Blog Post Such As Viewers & People Who Have Liked The Blog Post Exclusive To You – Just Tell Me What You Are Promoting Each Quarter – Spring! – Summer! – Autumn! – Winter!

4 Blog Posts Are The Minimum Per Year – I Could Quite Easily Fit In 12 Blog Posts Per Year For £3 Per Blog Which Equals £36 Per Year !

Is it too daunting a task for you among the other myriad of tasks you need to keep going to stabilise your business in the aftermath of the Pandemic?

Starting out in business is not an easy task but if your product or service appeals to a certain audience your custom will come initially by word of mouth. I have been self-employed since 1991 and tried many business ventures none more exciting than when in 1995 I started a business designing websites and selling Internet Access to both Householders and Businesses!

In 1995 there was a Web Browser called Netscape Navigator which I used to install on customers’ computers from a floppy disk – I am not quite sure what happened to Netscape Navigator so just at this moment I will search Wikipedia for it! Netscape Navigator

At the time in Blackburn, Lancashire there was an Internet Cafe in the town centre which I used for free plus a free coffee – the Internet Cafe didn’t last long, it was a bit ahead of its time. I had an Orange Mobile Phone at the time with a greyscale LCD screen!

The best part of 1995 was selling Print Sketches of Football Players that had a price of £1 each including P&P and I asked customers to tape a £1 coin to a piece of card with their return address! I once received a £1 coin from Malaysia! As Blackburn Rovers won the Premier League in 1995 we gave them to Newsagents and Pubs on Sale or Return!

As we started printing the leaflets to distribute around town I suddenly thought that it was near Fathers Day and called, “Stop Press!” – The Boss of the Print Shop wondered what was going on and said he thought some official from the Rovers had come in the Print Shop! I told him that we needed to place “Great Fathers Day Gift!” on the leaflets! We sold out within a week or so and just collected cash from Newsagents and Pub Landlords. They were happy and we were happy with the deal on top of the fact that Rovers had won the Premier League! – It was the first time I had heard of Sale or Return! Thank You, Phil!

Whether you are just starting out providing a service or selling a product you should always consider whether to go to Market on a Sale or Return contract! That advice is Free!

I write computer programs which are unique and available either as Freeware (Adware) or Shareware where you use the Software for 3 Months before making a choice whether to carry on using the Shareware Software! I can also write Bespoke Software from your Specification once we have had a chat or two to see which route to take!

Programming is my forte and I have practised it since the early 1980s when I had a Sinclair ZX81 with a 16K Ram Pack! No Task Too Small! Don’t be afraid of asking, we might both become wealthy! My ambition is to own Blackburn Rovers Football Club!

I have sold Cherished Numbers, Private Registration Plates, in the £1,000s A18 RFC (A1 BRFC) – A1 RFC – J444 FRY – I have a lot of tales to tell which can be Blogged about in a business sense and reflecting on fun times, especially a working holiday on a Kibbutz in Galilee in 1991 of which I still have the photos to be scanned in! They tell a lovely story! My salesmanship started in Galilee – I will tell you about that in other Blog Posts or if we meet to organise a Trip to A Kibbutz!

You could start off with sorting out the paperwork for becoming a Kibbutz Volunteer where your meals are paid for and you receive some Shekels and some vouchers for the on-site shop – Click Here For The Kibbutz I Enjoyed and the Hotel Onsite – Hotel Kibbutz

I hope you have enjoyed reading this Blog – If you have had as nice a time reading this Blog as I enjoyed writing it please leave a comment and I will try my best to point you towards a Holiday In Galilee or indeed a Working Holiday On A Kibbutz

Please leave a comment to let me know of your Interest – when I was on the Kibbutz for 3 Months doing various jobs I told the Hotel Manager that I could program computers and he offered me a job as a programmer in the Hotel but for one reason or another I didn’t take up the position – I think I would have become homesick!

Kind Regards, Ibrahim d’Ewood – Tweet: @CoinJewelsGifts

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Internet Marketer Since 1995 - Blogger - Comedy - Football - Shopping Online - Etsy Shops (The Way Forward) - Revert Muslim (There Is No God But Allah & Mohammed Is His Messenger) - Blackburn Rovers Supporter As Seen In My Profile Picture With Rovers Hat - Into Men's Fashion & Good Hygienic Food From Local Eateries - Just Became A Google Local Guide - Programming Computers Since 1982 - Sold Over The Internet Since 1995 - I Like Helping Others As Best I Can To Promote Local Custom

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