Shin Gi Ruh Muay Thai Club – Thai Boxing For Everyone – Over 50s Fight Night Friday – Sponsored By Brogues Banter


Shin Gi Ruh is now in its third decade, following its original establishment in 1997 when it started operating from the YMCA premises in Blackburn. The original idea was to open up a club to show passion towards sports in the community and provide a much-needed outlet for young people.

The club started off with 3 volunteer instructors and initially attracted 10 youngsters. The club moved premises in Blackburn a couple of times as it grew however since 2009 the club has operated from the gym at Whalley Range Business Park in the heart of the community, catering for over 200 children and young people with a further addition of 150 adults.


Shin Gi Ruh is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation and has been a company limited by guarantee since 2006. It is run by a fully dedicated management committee, supported by 20 adult volunteers. A fully accredited Muay Thai boxing club recognised and endorsed by the national and international governing bodies.

Aims and Objectives

Shin Gi Ruh has five main aims and objectives related to sport and young people. These are:

1) To promote a 2000 year old form of martial arts, Muay Thai/Thai Boxing as a sport.

2) To provide young people and adults , especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to gain and enjoy the benefits of Muay Thai, including arts of self-defence, self-discipline and health and fitness.

3) To provide young people with a range of other recreational activities for their leisure and positive self-development.

4) To promote understanding and respect between young people and adults from all different backgrounds , locally, regionally and nationally.

5) To provide additional facilities and opportunities for young people in some of the most deprived wards in Blackburn, East Lancashire. Worldwide reach to introduce more sportspersons to Thai Boxing.

Uniqueness of Shin Gi Ruh | Our Vision

The uniqueness and originality of our club lies in a clear vision, a vision to promote our sport but also to foster better community relations for the future of all our local people. People who visit our club almost invariably comment on the warm reception they receive and, on the club’s welcoming atmosphere. Even though we are based in a part of the town which is a predominantly a South Asian area and a borough which has rightly or wrongly been known for the segregation of its different ethnic communities , Shi Gi Ruh has thrived to break those barriers through it membership and approach.

My Muay Thai/Thai Boxing ExperienceIbrahim d’Ewood

Today, Friday 24/09/2021, I went to Shin Gi Ruh to take my first lesson in Thai Boxing – First of all circuit training as a warm up then Boxing & Kicking with the punchbags. There were about 10 club members in the training lesson. I only managed the first half of the lesson as I needed water and I am slightly unfit. Using the punchbags was the best bit and the teachers were very understanding, I found it difficult keeping my guard and my hands were too low.

I am age 53 and was probably the oldest there at the Shin Gi Ruh club but I will sponsor an over 50s Local Fight Night Competition to make the club more inclusive.

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Shin Gi Ruh Muay Thai/Thai Boxing Club Website – Click >>>

More to be added as I progress on my Muay Thai/Thai Boxing Journey At Shin Gi Ruh…

On Monday 27/09/2021 I had my second Thai Boxing Group Lesson at Shin- Gi-Ruh Muay Thai Camp In Blackburn, Lancashire. I enjoyed the 2nd lesson much more than the 1st lesson as I took part for a longer time which included circuit training, press-ups, sit-ups, punchbags and pads where the Instructor wore pads on both his hands and told me the action to do – like left jab – right jab – left hook – left knee – right knee – right leg shin kick.

The other Thai Boxers present were much more ferocious than the ones on the previous Friday and there were more Boxers than on the Friday.

The next Group Lesson is on Wednesday in 2 days time at 7:00pm when I will have much more news to relate. I bought a Polo Shirt with the Shin Gi Ruh logo on back and front and you can buy them online from my Etsy Shop – Brogues Banter – All Monies To The Not-for-Profit Shin-Gi-Ruh Muay Thai Camp, Blackburn, Lancashire > To Shop At The Etsy Shop For The Shin-Gi-Ruh Muay Thai Club, A Bit Like The Harlem Globetrotters of Thai Boxing, Go straight To the Polo Shirt Etsy Page – Click >

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