Skeleton Coder In Tribute To Mum and Dad

There are 2 reasons why I have coined the name “Skeleton Coder!” the first is that I design Visual Basic Forms which programmers can then Code themselves. The name Skeleton is derived from the fact that the Forms designed in Visual Basic for others to code are the Bare Bones of a Software Project where the most effort is taken up by the third party Coder who places Code in the objects on the Form. When I first saw Visual Basic, shown to me by a Student, I was amazed by it. I have written a few Freeware programs not yet published for use but I will invest in a domain name and diskspace so you can download the Skeleton Forms for less than £5 each payable via PayPal. The second reason I chose Skeleton is described further down below in this Blog article.

Quite a few years ago I wrote a Visual Basic Program that made a Generic Webpage and I went selling Shop to Shop and sold a Webpage Service for £25 to over 100 customers in 3 months. I used to aim for 3 customers per day and one day at my best I sold 10 in an hour. I will write the Program again and sell it for £10 per single user. All it takes is the gumption to walk into High Street shops with a leaflet describing the Webpage Service and leaving it with them for half an hour and returning back to the shops who took a leaflet after half an hour and asking if they were happy with the £25 outlay. If the shopkeeper pauses you just tell them that you can tell they are interested and drop the price to £20.

If you are a programmer/coder and feel nervous about going from Shop to Shop then you could partner up with an experienced salesperson and split the difference. You will make a much better living selling than you will just programming. The self-employed and shopkeepers are very interesting to talk to and as your confidence in Sales increases you will find many good ways to earn a living from a young age.

If you find that you can’t sell your Shop to Shop service then try to get the contact details of your potential customers and pass them onto me and I will try and Close the Sale taking a small percentage of the Profit. There is no other place on Earth that you can be your own Boss for such a small expenditure and make good money and earn a living to do the things you want to do. You can choose your Holidays being able to afford the time off and in the cost of a Holiday, and with work visas you can travel and earn at the same time.

I have been programming computers since the early 1980s on my Sinclair ZX81 & the school Research Machines 380z which we used in Computer Studies learning the BASIC Language (Beginners All-Purpose Instruction Code) in which subject I achieved a Grade ‘B’. I have been selling since 1991 and I have been offering Internet Services since 1995 when most of my custom came by word of mouth!

The Christmas before I received my Sinclair ZX81, Dad gave me a book, The Personal Computer Book by Robin Bradbeer which I still have in my possession along with about 10 other Programming books. The book from Dad lists all the computers that were around at the time from the Sinclair ZX81 to the IBM PC which was the most expensive computer at the time. >>> The Personal Computer Book by Robin Bradbeer On eBay

For the Christmas following I went down town with Mum to WH Smith who stocked the Sinclair ZX81 which I chose as it had the most software already written for it with many games. It was a few weeks before Christmas when Mum and Dad bought the computer and Mum put it in a corner of their bedroom. On Sundays I used to go into Mum and Dad’s bedroom and take it into my bedroom, set it up and program it in Sinclair BASIC from the Sinclair Manual which had very interesting results on the portable television that I had had gifted for 2 or 3 years back as a Christmas present when Dad took me down town to get it. One Sunday Mum found the empty box in their bedroom and she scolded me over what I had done!

I would often go down town with Dad and he would go in the Bookmakers leaving me stood outside while he chose his horses. Mum and Dad were very generous to us, I am the only lad with six sisters, and each Christmas the Christmas Tree would be inundated with presents under it from each and everyone of us to each other.

On Christmas Day when I was young we would stay home for Christmas Lunch. Mum was a great Cook spending most of her time in the kitchen whilst Dad watched Tele after a hard days work and when I went to get my tea, Mum would say, “Tell your Dad his tea is ready!”

Both Mum and Dad have passed away now, may they rest in Peace, Dad passed away on 12th January 1999 just 3 days before my Birthday. At the time I wasn’t working so every day I went to Mass and then walked the 5 miles to Darwen Cemetery to his grave. I really missed him and went to his grave every day for about 6 months. Mum passed away a few years ago on 31st October, Halloween which was no treat.

Even though I have been programming for most of my adult life I have never sold a Computer Program although I have earned money designing websites when the commercial Internet came along in 1995 when I charged £40 per webpage when others were selling in the hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

I started on the Internet when I received an AOL (America Online) CD Disk through the post in a Print Shop where I had an office and helped out with selling print jobs. When I received the AOL CD Disk I rushed down town to buy a Modem and when I got back to the Print Shop I loaded the software and went on a Chat program and found myself talking to Americans with the typical “Hi!” It was a Text Chat Program and there were different Chat Rooms for different subjects and hobbies. I immediately thought to myself that I would set up a Business selling Internet Services!

The reason I have chosen “Skeleton Coder!” is that one Christmas I received a luminous Skeleton that I hung on my bedroom door. It was funny to look at when the light went out. My eldest sister married a Scots and Kilmarnock fan, Sandy, who I went to the Rovers with (Blackburn Rovers) standing at the 3rd post in the Riverside. Sandy also took me to away matches and I grew very close to him. Sandy came to stay at our house and I gave up my bed for him and when he turned the lights out he got a shock at the luminous Skeleton.

Sandy was diagnosed with Cancer and at age 28 he passed away which was heart breaking to my eldest sister and the rest of us. On a lighter note, one Valentine’s Day when Sandy was well he asked if I had received a Valentine’s Card and as I hadn’t I told him no but he cheered me up by saying there would be someone for me. I am still waiting to share my life with a nice lady.

Anyone can get in touch on Twitter – @CoinJewelsGifts

If you can think of a Program you would like to put into action then please Tweet me and we will arrange a meeting. Please Pray for the Souls of Mum and Dad, Mary Eileen Brown and John Leo Brown, and Brother-In-Law Sandy Morton. Also my best friend for 40 years passed away about a year and half ago, Shaun Peter Haworth. Please pray for me, Ibrahim d’Ewood, that I may provide healthy work for people with a good interesting career. My latest Online Project Is At >>> Where You Will Find Free Vouchers…

I will expand this Blog Post as I gain new customers – I am creating a Free Social Media Online (Separate Webpages) & Hard Copy Offline Directory for Twitter and Instagram users. Just Tweet me at the Twitter Account shown above.

I am helping a few twitter users pro-bono by helping them gain more followers – they are:

  1. Taste – A Halal Cafe In Blackburn >>> @TasteBlackburn
  2. Shin Gi Ruh muay Thai/Thai Boxing in Blackburn >>> @ShinGiRuh1
  3. Essay Writers In The USA >>> @EssayWriters1_

I play Football/Soccer and Pool & Less Than 24 hours ago I had my first Muay Thai/Thai Boxing Training Session which I enjoyed greatly – Shin Gi Ruh Muay Thai shingiruhmuaythai

Ibrahim d’Ewood – with Blackburn Rovers Hat On – 4 Generations Of My Family Lived On Bolton Road, Ewood, Blackburn, Lancashire – FEDE SENDOA IS BASQUE FOR STRONG FAITH

Have A Great Time… Working & Programming & Designing…

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