Etsy Plus Membership and My First Sale On Etsy and USB Drive Keyrings With Programs/Apps On and Artwork Files – Brogues Banter Control Panel

On the 5th October 2021 I received a USB Drive Keyring off an Etsy Merchant & I have started writing a Visual basic Program/App “Brogues Banter Control Panel”.

Only a few days ago I got my 1st Sale on Etsy, a 1980s Space Invaders Watch, bought by someone in Northampton the same place that the Cobblers play their wonderful game! I only mentioned that to get in the good books of Paul Hardman of @PennineFootball on Twitter! The Space Invaders watch sold for £75 with Free P&P!

I have just copied SDRsharp SDR# onto the USB Drive Keyring which is Software to Work with a USB Software Defined Radio Dongle – There is a rule in selling Door to Door that states that if you are selling a Product or Service to Householders and what you are selling is less than £42 you don’t need to give a Buyer any detail other than a way to Contact You which is plain Business Sense – if what you are selling is over £42 there is a lot of Red Tape.

I will be selling Door to Door with USB Software Defined Radio Dongles by posting Leaflets in the Morning & Afternoon & then knocking on Doors after 6pm after Householders have had their Evening Meal!

The cost of the Software Defined Radio I am Selling will be £41 including Installation which means Transferring the SDR# Software from my USB Drive to a Laptop or Desktop – There Is A Great Book On the Subject which will be available to order Online – It is quite Technical so I will be available to help you Free of Charge for a Year From Purchase of the USB SDR Dongle – It has an Aerial which is easy to set up!

Software Defined Radio is a New Science in itself & you can tune into Normal Radio Stations, Digital TV Channels, GPS Positioning, The International Space Station, Detect Stars & Investigate Unknown Frequencies & Much More!

I will expand this Blog Post with Popular Frequencies so that you can try them out and test your Aerial positioning! Please keep calling back to this Blog Post for Updates & Offers Available Online – If you are looking for Bargains & Discount Vouchers Just Follow The Pop-Up At

All Software Defined Radio Programs/Apps That I Show You Will Be Freeware Programs – There Are Some Software Programs That You Have To Pay For After After Trying Them Out!

Kind Regards, Ibrahim d’Ewood – Software Engineer/Social Media Guru @CoinJewelsGifts

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