Lidl Job Cover Letter

1, Carlton Gardens




Tel: 07828 199 405


Twitter: @CoinJewelsGifts


Dear Sir/Madam,

My first job back in the mid-1980s was at Lockmill Service Station where I was responsible for dealing with customers who were paying for fuel, who paid at the till and restocking the shelves.  The petrol pumps were attached to a machine behind the counter & it took a lot of concentration when it became busy at the weekends when I would also be dealing with customer receipts from the MOT & Service Garage.  I met Alex Higgins when he came into the service station with his manager looking for the way to a snooker hall.  I also became quite friendly with Don Mackay, Blackburn Rovers Manager, who came for fuel after a Rovers away match.  It was before the days of Jack Walker.

In the Summer before going off to College to study a Degree in Electronic & Information Engineering I was working full-time at the Royal Ordnance Factory in Blackburn & working part-time at Lockmill.  I used to do a full 8 hours work at the ROF then an hour’s overtime and when I had clocked out at the ROF I walked to Lockmill to do 5 more hours!

When I was away at College I started a job part-time in Leo’s Supermarket stacking shelves and pricing up.  I dropped out of College but with my free time I travelled to Galilee on a Kibbutz Working Holiday for 3 Months after which I returned home and became Self-Employed canvassing for leads for uPVC Doors & Windows & Conservatories.  That was in 1991 & when 1995 and the Internet came along I started an Internet Business where I designed Websites & sold Internet Access.  I sold print sketches of Football Player over the Internet for £1 each asking customers to tape a £1 coin to a piece of card and one day I received a £1 coin from Malaysia!

I am confident that I can fill the role of Deputy Store Manager with years of Sales & Marketing experience.  I enjoy work, especially Social Media Marketing & Software Engineering.  I believe that any team staff worker will welcome a greater Social Media Presence to promote Lidl Supermarkets. I have over 4000 Followers on Twitter & Over 3000 Friends On Facebook.

I have an Etsy Online Shop Account as and A Redbubble JIT (Just In Time) Account as DJLancs – I have been on Etsy since April 2021 and just this past week I made my first sale on Etsy which was a ZEON Space Invaders Watch from the 1980s for £75 which I was happy with.

Redbubble is for Artists to upload Works of Art which can be ordered Online by yourself or by others who find your designs attractive.  It is only when somebody orders a sticker or a mug or about 70 other products with your design on that they are produced.  I have only bought stickers and mugs and postcards from my own Redbubble shop but I believe it will catch on amongst Local Artists & Graphic Designers & Photographers but as for now nobody else has bought anything with my design but I do know a Local Lady Artist who has received commission from her designs placed onto products on her Redbubble Online Shop.

I look forward to chatting to you and showing you my talents in Information Technology, Software Engineering (i.e. Computer Programming) Social Media Marketing & online and offline Sales & Marketing.  I am also experienced in Telesales – Door to Door Sales – Shop to Shop Sales – When I was selling a £25 Webpage Service I gained over 100 Customers in 3 Months by going Shop to Shop in Lancashire Towns.

I found the Service at Lidl Whalley Banks, Blackburn was second to none – when I was at the till I thought to ask if there were any Vacancies but didn’t want to hold up the queue.  The cashier was very kind asking how I was & I replied “Very Good!” when to most people I say “Not so Bad!”

I look forward to shopping at Lidl Whalley Banks, Blackburn again & hope that you will give me a chance to shine by offering me the  career path of Deputy Store Manager – I will not let you down – you may like to see my Blog & Website – Blog: – Website:

Please keep in touch!

Yours Faithfully,

Damian John Brown

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Internet Marketer Since 1995 - Blogger - Comedy - Football - Shopping Online - Etsy Shops (The Way Forward) - Revert Muslim (There Is No God But Allah & Mohammed Is His Messenger) - Blackburn Rovers Supporter As Seen In My Profile Picture With Rovers Hat - Into Men's Fashion & Good Hygienic Food From Local Eateries - Just Became A Google Local Guide - Programming Computers Since 1982 - Sold Over The Internet Since 1995 - I Like Helping Others As Best I Can To Promote Local Custom

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