Mental Health and Coping With Schizophrenia

Mental Health and Coping With Schizophrenia

I hear voices that aren’t my thoughts – it is very difficult to deal with particularly after the passing away of my Parents & My Brother-in-Low, Sandy Morton, and my best Friend who I knew for 40 years playing pool & drinking alcohol together after sitting together at Secondary School.

Sandy once told me there would be someone for me & I was told by a Gypsy that I would Marry the perfect partner & make a fortune. I am now age 53 and waiting patiently to find a Bride of the Right Age.

I am currently receiving Therapy at Hope & Help over the fact I have had many loved people pass away at a young age and my Parents who I love & cherish are no longer there to talk to and trust.

Growing up was great at Home until Sandy, my Brother-In-Law, passed away, after we had been going to watch Blackburn Rovers matches home & away. Sandy was only 28 when he passed away and It was such an upset in my life that I went a bit off the rails. It was so bad at the time that I couldn’t even tell my Friends that Sandy had died as I thought I would burst out crying.

I was only age 14 and when my Sisters told me that Sandy had passed away when my Dad was on the Phone receiving the bad news that I ran upstairs to my Bedroom and cried my eyes out. I had nobody to talk to and I went to the next Rovers match after Sandy passed away and I kept looking at the 3rd post in the Riverside, as it was then, expecting to see Sandy stood where we usually stood – I was heartbroken but that was nothing to what my Sister was going through.

On home matchdays I used to Cycle on my Raleigh Javelin Drop Handle Bike to Helen & Sandy’s home on Malvern Avenue, Ewood from Orkney Close, Shadsworth, and Sandy and I walked under the Mucky Bridge, as Mum called it, to Ewood Park, home of the Mighty Rovers and the nearly men on and off the Pitch grasping Promotion to the 1st Division!

Sandy was always neatly dressed and wore a Blue ‘n’ White scarf with a Kilmarnock FC Badge sewn on. Sandy wore Aramis aftershave which any nice Lady who can put up with me should buy me at Eid or my Birthday, January 16th!

If you are a Charity or Non-Profit Organisation then please let me Help with your Social Media – Twitter & Instagram Accounts – as I know how to gain Followers having over 4,000 Followers On Twitter!

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