Lusignan to Angouleme Cycle Marathon – Keep Fit – I’m Half-Crazy All For The Love Of You :-)

I have just filled in a Contact Form To The Lusignan Tourist Office To See About Starting A Daily Cycle Maraton Timing Between Lusignan & Angouleme Both In South-West France!

Hi Team,
As a keen cyclist I would like to arrange a Cycle Marathon Circuit From Lusignan to Angouleme That Can Record Cyclists & Cyclist Groups & A Monthly Cycle Marathon For Bigger Groups & An Annual Cycle Marathon When Roads From Lusignan To Angouleme Are Closed To All But Cyclists For A Day – This Cycle Marathon Is Not Meant For Professional Cyclists Who expect A Big Pay Out Although The Prestige Of the Cycle Marathon May Attract Professional Cyclists As A Challenge – All That Is Required Is A Start Timing Ticket From The Lusignan Tourist Office Designated Start Point & A Finish Timing Ticket From The Angouleme Tourist Office Designated Finish Point – The Race Time From Lusignan To Angouleme Will Be Between 5 or 6 Hours & Will Fit Into the Opening Times Of The 2 participating Tourist Offices – Lusignan & Angouleme – There Is Also The Possibility Of Stop Offs Stations At Tourist Offices Along The Way from Lusignan to Angouleme – The Marathon Cycle Race Route Is Straight North To South
The Reason I am choosing Lusignan & Angouleme is that I am very interested in History, Local & Royal, & Hugh X “le Brun” de Lusignan & Isabella d’Angouleme – It could be that they are Our Ancestors
RSVP – At School I scored 98% In French In year 1 & 99% In French In year 2
Kind Regards,
Damian aka Ibrahim

Google Map Of Cycle Marathon Race Between Lusignan & Angouleme

Please Comment To Show Your Interest In Cycling From Lusignan To Angouleme – You Will Need A Passport Unless You Live In France or A Country That Has An Agreement With France Within The European Union

To Find Out More About The Progression Of The Project & The History Of The Region In France Between Lusignan & Angouleme Just tweet @CoinJewelsGifts & Keep Popping Back To This Blog Post!

The House Of Lusignan History Is Here

The House Of Angouleme History Is Here

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