Mobile Pen Dealer -Watch Pen Gifts Matching Pen Barrel & Watch Dial £41.99 Door To Door Sales – Great Gifts

Hi Earthlings, the pen has always been mightier than the sword as seen in Peace Treaties from aeons past when messages were recorded on stone tablets!

If you have a penchant for Pens then this is the Expanding Blog Post For You – In my small one-bedroom flat I must have at least 100 pens of all types and values – the best Pen I have in the new born collection is a Retro Parker Ballpoint Pen!

As a Salesman with door to door & shop to shop Sales Experience I today, Thursday 11/11/2021, will start in my hometown to sell Pens of all grades door to door with the maximum order price being £41.99 – the start Date of Pen Dealing coincides with Armistice Day – whenever I visit Darwen Cemetery where my Parents & Grandma are buried I always walk to see the Soldiers’ Graves in the Special Place for Heroes about 100 Yards from our Family Grave!

I have just done my homework on Pen Dealership and you will be surprised how much certain Brand Pens are on Sale For – Pens are available online or in Retail Shops – Once at a Telesales Agent Interview the Boss handed me a Pen and told me to sell it to him – off the top of my head I said something like, “One of these pens will cost you 50p but I will sell you a batch of 50 pens for £15 for the lot!” – I also told the Boss in the interview that “If I’ve sold 1 I’ve sold 1,000!”

I got the Job and I sold Business To Business Magazine Advertising and started off initially selling Advertising Space to Newly Fledged Internet Companies who almost all signed up and when the Boss took a trip downstairs from his upstairs office he saw the Sales Drawing Board which you filled in any time you had a Sale & he said, “Damian! That Famous Statement! You said that if you sold one you’d sell 1,000!”

There was a lot of pressure in the Telesales Job but it paid well and when I ran out of Internet Companies to sell to I found it hard sell to other types of Business!

Unfortunately I was soon sacked from the Telesales Job & missed bringing home the Small Bottles of Vodka which you “won” every time you got a Sale! I didn’t drink the Vodka due to the medication I was on but Mum & Dad & the Family liked it!

I have 1000 Leaflets to hand out & the way I sell is to leave a leaflet at a household or shop and say “I’ll call back in half an hour to see if you are interested!” and I call back after handing out about 30 more leaflets & it takes about half an hour to 45 minutes to collect the Leaflets back when I tend to get good feedback & conversion results!

If you would like a 40% Commission on Engraved Pens to Students For Birthdays & Christmas & Eid & Newly Successful Graduates & Profession Gifts Then Please Leave A Comment – Try Selling In The Best Way You Can By Word of Mouth To Family & Friends & when you have become a good Salesperson I will have Leaflets Printed specifically for you!

All you need do is find people who are interested in buying Pens & Engraved Pens by suggestion & I will Close the Sale for you & you’ll still get 40% Commission on My Closed Sales – Learning To Close A sale Is A Knack & I Will Explain More About It When We Meet!

Selling Pens is a good grounding in Sales & Marketing – If You Watched The Film “A Beautiful Mind” which details the Life of Mathematician John Nash where at The End At A Convention The Fellows Present presented John with their Pens one after another in a Simple but Powerful Gesture!

You may like to watch “A Beautiful Mind” if you haven’t already seen it, it was Produced in 2001 the same year I moved into my current home! By watching the Film about John Nash you may find a stronger sense of what success you can grab selling Pens!

On 11/11/2021 In The Afternoon I Bought A Yellow Parker Jotter Pen From Theo’s Company In Blackburn Mall, Lancashire, United Kingdom – The Yellow Pen Matches My Yellow Dial Fortis Telegraph Watch Which Is A Pretty Rare Timepiece! See Matching Photo Below!

Kind Regards, Ibrahim

Yellow Parker Jotter & Fortis Watch FRom THEO’s Company

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