Blackburn, Lancashire & Surround – Places To Visit & Places To Avoid & Great Stocking Fillers!

The best place to visit in downtown Blackburn, Lancashire is Blackburn Museum with loads of Artefacts & a special Egyptian Room & Weaving Looms & Spinning Jennies Room with a Model of Northrop Factory! – Blackburn Museum Website

The worst place to avoid in downtown Blackburn, Lancashire is the Sun Pub unless you like being so drunk that you don’t bother who sees you dancing to House & Techno & Dance music – I used to frequent the Sun Pub when my Best Friend was still alive and we drank cider, played pool and I danced when Shaun told me to, he knew the best songs. Below is the piece of paper he wrote on on one of the last times I saw him alive – Shaun Peter Haworth (1968 – 2020) – we were friends for 40 years and used to sit together at school!

Shaun peter haworth – top man around town

We used to go to the Famous Hamburger Place for 2 small cheeseburgers each so that we weren’t drinking on an empty stomach and on the way to the Sun Pub we used to sing, “Here comes the Sun – doo -doo-doo – it’s alright!” – I also have the photocard of Shaun from his funeral which I will upload sometime! I don’t drink alcohol now!

If you can walk into a Pub without buying an alcoholic drink then in a quiet morning you could go to the Sun Pub for a soft drink and pay your respects to George who passed away a while back but his photo hangs above where he used to sit – George wore a Cowboy Hat much like Crocodile Dundee & only Drank Newcastle Brown – Bottle After Bottle & smoked one wacky after another! George used to get my Drunken Humour & he always had something witty to throw one back! George had a thick Scottish accent and Phil the Landlord of the Pub who stays sober will tell you the tales of what everyone gets up to and could probably write a book!

One night out in The Sun Pub I was a bit too drunk and stressed out for some reason and as I was near the door with the music pumping I raised my hand above my head and beckoned everyone outside the Pub – I walked out of the Pub and turned round facing the entrance not expecting anyone had heard me but a lad with big muscles & big forearms was first to follow me – I wondered what I was to do but the lad just looked at me and turned left on his way – I wondered why he didn’t just floor me but I walked back into the Sun and when I looked back the Doormen were following me and one of them said, “Have you got anything against us?” – I told him “No!” but then realised when I stood outside waiting, the Doormen were behind me and I suppose anyone wouldn’t have risked it with the Doormen being there. I must apologise for my drunken behaviour to anyone I offended – when I told Shaun about what I’d done he just said, “I didn’t see you!” The next time we went to the Sun for a drink one of the Doormen said, “He’s coming in!” Keep away from Pubs & Drink & whatever else damages your frail temperament!

The best shops and market stalls in Blackburn Town Centre are Cancer Research – British Heart Foundation & other Charity Shops whilst the best Market Stalls are Maxine’s Alterations who fitted my £500 Blue Boss Suit bought with a loan – Maxine also made Handkerchiefs for me from Paisley Designed material – See Maxine’s Alterations at

Another Fascinating Blackburn Market Stall Is Elite Watches & Jewellery – Their Corresponding Market Website Address is

The List Of Market Stalls Is Here: >>>

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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

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