Website Direct – Affiliates Wanted – NOW

I have just designed the Interface for Website Direct shown immediately below:

The Interface Is Quite Straight Forward & To Become An Affiliate All You Need To Do Is Get In Touch By Texting 07828 199 405 With Your Twitter Username / Tweet @CoinJewelsGifts Or Comment On This Blog Post With Your Twitter Username!

There Are Places For 10 Affiliates Per Country Shire & With 48 Counties In The UK Makes 480 Places For Affiliates!

The Beauty Of This Affiliate Plan Is That For Every Customer You Sign Up To Website Direct You Receive 40% Commission.

That Is £10 For Each £25 Sale To Local Shops & Companies – Training Is Available To Get You Started & Leads Will Be Provided In Your Locality On A Nationwide & Countywide Basis With Online Advertising & Hard Copy Presentation Pads & Leaflets – Each New Customer Is Entitled To A Money Back Guarantee After 1 Year Which Will Be Stood By The Website Direct Fund Which Is Built Up By Saving £5 Of The Remaining £15 After You Have Received Your £10 From The First Sale – At The End Of Each Financial Year The Website Direct Fund, Minus Paybacks, Will Be Shared Equally Amongst All 480 Affiliates.

With Each Renewal Contract With Your Customers In The Consecutive Years From Them First Signing Up Their Fee Will Be £20 Per Year Of Which You Will Earn £10 Which Is Equivalent To 50% – No Other Affiliate Will Be Given Your Leads From Previous Years & I Will Advise New Customers To Sign Up For At Least 5 Years At £80 Of Which You Will Earn £50, That Is 62.5%.

I Have Offered This Service A Few Years Ago In Towns In Lancashire & In Just 3 Months I Gained Just Over 100 Customers In 3 Months On A 6 Month Contract For £25 – I Learnt Quickly How To Sell Shop To Shop & I Pitched At £25 To Each Shopkeeper By Leaving A Leaflet & Saying, “I’ll Call Back In half An Hour To See If You Are Interested!” – I Would Do The Same In Each Shop Along The High Street Taking About 25 Minutes Before Calling Back To The Start – Some Shopkeepers Just Said, “No!” But A Few Said “Yes!” Straightaway & Some Fell Silent To Which I Said, “You’re Interested Aren’t You?” & Before They Could Answer I Would Say, “I’ll Do It For £20!” & Most Of Those Accepted The Deal!

I Used To Aim For 3 Sales Per Day Giving £75 Or About £350 Per Week But On One Particularly Good Day I Gained 9 or 10 Customers In An Hour Making About £200! I’ll Leave You To Guess That Lancashire Town!!!

Roll Up – Roll Up – Roll Up!!

I Am Looking For About 480 Affiliates & To Have About 20 Admin Staff – Affiliates Will Be Self-Employed Which Just Means Keeping A Receipt Book But All Monies Will be Recorded From Central Office With A Chartered Accountant Present!

Admin Staff Will Cover – HR (Human Resources) – PA (Personal Assistant) – Marketing Department – Website Design – Software Engineers & More…

Whatever Your Skills Just Leave A Comment…

Website Direct Affiliates Can Choose When & Where To Work Within Their Designated AreaWebsite Direct Is Part Of Brogues Banter Social Media & Shoe Shine Together LTD

If You Can Find A Better Affiliate Job Than Described Above Then Please Let Me Know By Commenting – You Will Find That Shopkeepers & The Self-Employed Are Very Interesting People – If I Can Gain 100+ Customers In 3 Short Months Then I Am Sure Seasoned Sales People With A Car & Team Of 3 Or 4 Can Easily Sign Up At Least 1,000 Customers In A Year Which Will Then Rollover To The Next & Concurring Years – You Can Either Follow Up On Your Customers Each New Year Or Leave That To Me While You Hunt New Customers – You Will Still Earn The Same Commission From Each Customers Whether I Close Or You Close Your Own Customers!

Just To Let You Know That Shares In Brogues Banter Social Media & Shoe Shine Together LTD Are Available Currently Being Tested At £500 Per Share!

Kind Regards, Ibrahim d’Ewood

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Internet Marketer Since 1995 - Blogger - Comedy - Football - Shopping Online - Etsy Shops (The Way Forward) - Revert Muslim (There Is No God But Allah & Mohammed Is His Messenger) - Blackburn Rovers Supporter As Seen In My Profile Picture With Rovers Hat - Into Men's Fashion & Good Hygienic Food From Local Eateries - Just Became A Google Local Guide - Programming Computers Since 1982 - Sold Over The Internet Since 1995 - I Like Helping Others As Best I Can To Promote Local Custom

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