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My Honest Diet – I Will Blog About Everything I Have To Eat & Drink – Starting From Today 16/1/2022 My 54th Birthday

I am not trying to lose weight but rather eat healthier each day by day & do more cooking with Halal produce and using Black Seed supplements in my recipes that I will list in this expanding Blog Post!

I will start with my evening meal today – Lake District Cheese On Toast, 2 slices of wholemeal bread toasted with 2 slices of very tasty cheese on top. I had a tangerine & then a 2 finger Kit-Kat! I wasn’t full but I can always have another tangerine or other piece of fruit, I have bananas, apples & nectarines! I also had a cup of orange cordial!

I have plenty of tomato soup & baked beans – 6 of each bought for me on Friday – Brexit Means Brexit, Lockdown Means Lockdown, Beans Means Heinz!

I don’t know whether you remember the television advert where the Lady says, “I always make a bit of a pig of myself at Christmas!” I am not sure which ad it was but I’ll do a quick search – no trace of the ad!

Mohammed (pbuh) stated in a Hadith, “Hold Onto Black Seed As It Is A Cure For All Illnesses Apart From Death.” – A lot can be learnt by following & studying the Qu’ran & Hadiths.

I hope you enjoy using this Blog Post to eat healthier food and drinks and comment with your dietary delicacies – if you own a food shop that stocks only Halal Food & Drink please comment as a free advertisement especially if you are based in Blackburn with Darwen, Lancashire and at some time I will visit your shop to talk business and take a few photos to upload to this Blog Post!

From time to time I order a curry for my evening meal from local curry houses and a very nice Chinese Takeaway – It would be good to order for two and eat out more! I am based in Blackburn, Lancashire & there must be at least 100 Food Places – Eat-In & Takeaways! The first food outlet to cotton onto this Blog Post will have the advantage of a first leaflet drop to highlight this Blog in general!

I have been eating Quaker Oats for Breakfast which I was introduced to by a Neighbour who truly knows the Commandment “Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself.” You just pour in milk and stick it in the microwave for 3 minutes!

I have just had another 2 finger Kit-Kat & 2 Slices of Cheese On Toast as described above & in that order with chocolate first. It is my Birthday after all! I no longer drink alcohol and I have been teetotal for about 2 years – I do not crave a drink – my laptop keeps me busy as does blogging & very recently I have started to tinker with various Arduino microcontrollers and add-on boards! Click The Link Below…


Monday 17th January 2022

I am just microwaving some Quaker Oats & I am going to eat the last Jaffa Cake that I have! I have 1 Kit-Kat left! I have made a cup of tea with 1 sugar!

I cooked a Chicken Dinner including peas, carrots, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing & roast potatoes – a ready made dish that took 45 minutes to cook at gas mark 4 – before that I had a yoghurt that was frozen so I put it in the microwave but forgot about the metallic lid and there were sparks until I switched the microwave off – that was possibly the most exciting moment of the day! I had a cup of orange cordial too! Here’s looking for an end to self-isolation!

I ate 1 tangerine after the meal!

I ate the last Kit-Kat 🙂 – I used to be alcoholic, now I am chocaholic 🙂

For supper I had 3 wheat biscuits with cold milk and a yoghurt afterwards!


For breakfast I had 2 tangerines and for lunch I had 2 Lake District Dairy Cheese on Wholemeal Toast & later on an apple & a cup pf tea & and at sometime in the day I had 2 or 3 yoghurts!

For my evening meal I had a bowl of tomato soup with 3 slices of bread buttered with Lurpack! I am busy on my laptop trying to find a way of programming my LM4F232H5QD EVALUATIUN BOARD!


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