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Profit Doubler (UK & Worldwide) Brogues Banter Social Media & Shoe Shine Together LTD – Apps & Social Media Marketing – 3 Month Contract To Double Your Profits With Intuitive Computer Programs & Data Statistics & Analysis – 10% Commission Payable After 3 Months When We Double Your Profits From The Previous 3 Months Nothing Payable Upfront & Nothing To Pay If Double Profit Target Is Not Reached After 3 Months From The Start Of The Brogues Banter Contract Signing With No Upfront Fees

Prince Ibrahim – Wearing The Rovers Crown

Brogues Banter Software Department – Developing Apps For A Better Future

Developing App To Aid Your Business/Company – Brogues Banter Software Department

If you are a Sole Trader, Small Business or Medium Enterprise or On The Stock Exchange Trading In Shares I will work with you for 3 months and will show you ways to Double Your Profit as compared to your Previous 3 Months – There is no trick to this – if after 3 months of letting me work with you, if your Profit has less than doubled over 3 Months then you have no need to pay me – there is no upfront charge and when I do Double Your Profit over any 3 Month Period I just ask for 10% Commission of the 3 Months Extra Profit – you have nothing to lose!

For Example, say as a Sole Trader you have £10,000 Profit in the 3 Months Prior to Letting me work with you, then my Target will be £20,000 Profit In The Next 3 Months I work with you. Anything less than £20,000 Profit & I will take no commission and just see it as a learning experience. If I create Double Profit of £20,000 in 3 Months I will accept Commission of 10% Of The Extra Profit i.e. £1,000 – If I Create A Double Profit of £30,000 in 3 Months, I will take commission of £1,500 i.e. 10%. , The Extra Profit – The 10% Is Just Like Paying A Salesperson on Commission Only.

A Bit About Me & My Work

My First Job was as a Cashier at a Petrol Service Station & subsequently I was employed for the Summer Months at the ROF, Blackburn, 2 Jobs at a Time – I earned more in overtime wages at the ROF than my total weekly wage at the Petrol Service Station.

I went away to college in 1987 and passed 2 Years of a 4 Year Course in Electronic & Information Engineering showing my talents as a Software Engineer.

I was lucky enough to spend about 3 Months on a Kibbutz in Galilee after I had dropped out of College and had the time of my life. You worked in the Morning, relaxed by the Pool in the Afternoon and spent The Evening in The Bunker, a disused Bunker made into a Bar where everyone got drunk on Araq & Maccabee Lager.

When I arrived back Home I became a Canvasser for uPVC windows in 1991 which lasted a few years and selling Private Car Registration Plates & then in 1995 when The Internet came along I started an Internet Company named 8th Wonder Internet & sold Internet Access To Businesses & Householders & Designed Websites For The Businesses – I sold Football Player Sketches over the Internet & offline and sold out once receiving a £1 coin from Malaysia!

I soon became proficient in HTML & Java for designing Websites and at the time I kind of knew that the Internet & The World Wide Web was a Gamechanger – I had a break from the Internet but when I started up again selling £25 Websites to High Street Shops, I gained over 100 Customers in 3 Months. I wrote a Program that made a Generic Webpage in less than a couple of minutes.

I am now a Social Media Guru with over 4,000 Followers on Twitter, over 3,000 Friends on Facebook & a few hundred followers on Instagram. Social Media Marketing is the Next Best Thing To Sliced Bread & I will use Social Media Marketing to improve your 3 Month Profit along with other general ways to improve business.

I will draw out a New Business Plan with Your Help in Understanding Your Business & the Best Way To Attract New Customers & Ways To Create Return Customers – If You Sell A Hardware Product Such As An Ironmonger Does then we can build a Service to both sell online & find people in the way of Business of fitting the Hardware.

My Quote At A Telesales Job Interview, “If I’ve Sold 1, I’ve Sold 1,000” & Now I Will Work With You To Show You That, “It Is Easier To Double Profit Than Double Turnover” – Both Statements Have Yet To Come True But I Have Found The Perfect Retailer To Prove Both Statements Which Is Not Far From My Home Office Living Room.

I will teach you about Social Media & give you a Book Written by Nicky Kriel – How To Twitter For Business Success: Everything Business Owners Need To Know About Twitter Made Easy!

I will write a Blog about your Company of 500 Words & Drive Traffic To It From My Twitter Account, Facebook & Instagram & Other Social Media Platforms. I will Create A New Website For You With Statistics Reporting Written By Myself To Your Instruction.

I will help you start up an eBay Account & Etsy Account to sell your Products & Crafts Online and we can talk about what is the Best Asset Of Your Business & Implement A Service To Your Products & Assign You A Part-Time Social Media Marketer after the First 3 Months That I Work With You.

You Can Contact Me On Twitter: @CoinJewelsGifts

You Can Always Leave A Comment/Reply On This Page Below To Ask Questions & Find Out More. The A5 Leaflet Below Contains My Mobile Number:

Brogues Banter Software Department

All Blog Posts Are Copyright To Prince Ibrahim d’Ewood – Titular (Linked To French Royalty)

My Ambition Is To Buy Blackburn Rovers Football Club & Then Share It With Loyal Season Ticket Holders At Ewood Park.

If You Have A Twitter Account With 500 Followers Or More I Will Pay You £5 For Every ReTweet You Do On My Original Tweets That Are Tweeted To You – £5 Is The Maximum Payment No Matter How Many Followers You Have As Long As It Is 500 or More.


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Internet Marketer Since 1995 - Blogger - Comedy - Football - Shopping Online - Etsy Shops (The Way Forward) - Revert Muslim (There Is No God But Allah & Mohammed Is His Messenger) - Blackburn Rovers Supporter As Seen In My Profile Picture With Rovers Hat - Into Men's Fashion & Good Hygienic Food From Local Eateries - Just Became A Google Local Guide - Programming Computers Since 1982 - Sold Over The Internet Since 1995 - I Like Helping Others As Best I Can To Promote Local Custom

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