Love Shack – Investors Needed – Timeshare

The Love Shack Log Cabin Design

I am looking for investors to buy some land & build this 25 Metres x 15 Metres Log Cabin with 1 Lounge – 3 En-Suite Bedrooms – Kitchen & Study – The Love Shack Design…

I can afford the buildable land in France but I need investors to buy the materials & workmanship of Carpenters to build The Love Shack Log Cabin – the best and fairest way is to sell the project as a Timeshare with 50 weeks available with each week costing £1,000 for the Love Shack’s lifetime, a simple one-off payment of £1,000 for an assigned week period in the calendar which will create £50,000 of capital to build The Love Shack Log Cabin including fixtures & fittings…

For each week you buy you can either holiday at the Love Shack yourself or rent your week out with all paperwork for renting out done by us… All you need to do is email us as to whether you are holidaying in your week or renting it out… there is no limit to how much you charge holidaymakers to stay at the Love Shack in your assigned week or weeks…

Just leave a comment to express your interest please…

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