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Brogues Banter Social Media Recruitment Your Release From The Doldrums Of Unemployment and Dead End Jobs – Gizza Job! – Go On Gizz IT !£$? – Remembering Yosser Hughes and Boys From The Blackstuff – Blog Posts Telling My Working Life From 1986 Onwards – I Need Talented Career Minded Individuals Who Can Make A Difference To The Trade Of My Customers By Intelligently Posting Messages On twitter, Facebook, Instagram; and Post Intelligent Comments On this Blog Site To Help Potential New Customers Who Ask About Services Offered By Brogues Banter – I Have Placed My CV and Covering Letter On This Blog So You Can See My Experience – This Is A List Of careers You May Like To Apply For Software – Hardware – Internet – Working Holidays Abroad – Artists – Writers – Bloggers – Comedy Entertainers – CV Writers – Sales – Marketing – Historians (Family Trees, Houses, Local, Royal and More – Just Enquire) – Retail Assistants Both Offline and Online – Whatever You Are Good At And Enjoy Doing Just Leave A Comment – I Am Used To Working With Small Businesses and They Need Social Media Managers (Part-Time) After I Have Signed Them Up – This Blog Service Is Free To Both Jobseekers and Employers – I Take No Fees From Employers For Recruiting Employees and No Commission From Employees Wages – I Enjoy Blogging and Checking My Statistics and Driving Traffic To My Etsy Shop – Brogues Banter Social Media And Shoe Shine Together Ltd – I Have An Import/Export Licence and 2 Limited Companies – #GrowTogether… Tweet: @CoinJewelsGifts

Blog Posts About Employment & Self-Employment & Unemployment – Get On Yer HTML! Brogues Banter On Etsy

And What About That Thingy They Call A Holiday Or Vacation?

I Have Been On A Working Holiday To Galilee On A Kibbutz Back In The Summer Of 1991 & I Still Have The Photos & Fond Memories!

I Could Write A Book About It But Instead Will Blog About It With The Photos Scanned & The Characters Who Helped Make It The Best Holiday Ever – My Fellow Volunteers Called Me “Jim Bowen!” Due To My Lancashire Accent & As There Was A Dartboard In the Volunteer House, One Night We Played Bullseye & Taped It… Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

Wikipedia Yosser Hughes

Budget Buds

Budget Buds, as named above, is a Budgeting App for Android Phones & Other Android Devices – It Comes In 5 Flavours. 1. Individual Consumers – Freeware 2. Consumer Families – Freeware 3. Small Business Shopkeepers & Traders – Shareware 4. Finance Businesses – Banking & Insurance – Shareware 5. Stocks & Shares Reporting &…

Ska & Scooters

I have liked Ska, Northern Soul, Two Tone music since the 80s and always wanted to ride a Scooter & go on Rallys. I went to Clitheroe a few years back and met Scooter riders by chance and took pictures of the parked Scooters which I uploaded to a website. If anyone one has Ska…

Electric Scooters Rules

All Riders must have a CBT Certificate – CBT Certificate is is Valid for 2 years. 16-17 years old Equal to 5Occ limit L plates 18+ years old Equal to 125cc limit on L plates No Passengers on CBT. Must have full Motorcycle License for Passenger Electrical Scooters from £2,500 with £500 Government Grant

Cure for Acne

Oxytetracycline – Tablet & Some Kind of Dry Paste See your GP Dermo Sensitive Hypoallergenic Soap For Sensitive Skin I went through teenage years with bad acne but didn’t do anything about it. When I reached my early 20s I went to see my GP about Depression & my GP asked if I wanted something…

Ibrahim’s Discount Deals – Debut Deals

Any Time You Launch A New Product Or New Service Just Offer A Deal To Our Registered Users Like 10% Off & We Will Send A Tweet From Our @CoinJewelsGifts Twitter Account About Your Debut Deal For A New Product Or New Service & We Take No Commission Until You Have Sold To 1,000 Of…

Dance Like A Kibbutznik

Introduction Fun & Frolics on a Kibbutz, an Egalitarian Commune, in Northern Galilee in the Summer of 1991 over 3 decades ago. Wishing all friends made there a very happy life and reminisce and recognise yourselves in the photos uploaded in this blog – a true story of multinational enjoyment and some ephemera from those…

Love Shack – Investors Needed – Timeshare

I am looking for investors to buy some land & build this 25 Metres x 15 Metres Log Cabin with 1 Lounge – 3 En-Suite Bedrooms – Kitchen & Study – The Love Shack Design… I can afford the buildable land in France but I need investors to buy the materials & workmanship of Carpenters…


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