Love Shack – Investors Needed – Timeshare

I am looking for investors to buy some land & build this 25 Metres x 15 Metres Log Cabin with 1 Lounge – 3 En-Suite Bedrooms – Kitchen & Study – The Love Shack Design… I can afford the buildable land in France but I need investors to buy the materials & workmanship of CarpentersContinue reading “Love Shack – Investors Needed – Timeshare”

Free Flights 2 Limoges,France from Leeds-Bradford International Airport

I have recently been pining to visit South West France as our Ancestors possibly hailed from that region! Once per month I will be travelling to Limoges to also visit Lusignan, Angouleme & Cognac – I have some Limoges porcelain for Romance & some Otard Brandy glasses that hail from Cognac Castle where King FrancisContinue reading “Free Flights 2 Limoges,France from Leeds-Bradford International Airport”

Cherished Numbers/Private Registration Plates Database

I started dealing in Cherished Number Plates in 1991 and sold about 1 per month making about £200 profit per sale which was enough to keep me going until the Internet came along in 1995 as I started designing websites for small businesses! I will write an online database to store Registration Plates for bothContinue reading “Cherished Numbers/Private Registration Plates Database”

investelec – Investment Plan

investelec is a new way of investing in electronics hardware & software without having to know much about the technology behind it all – during the 1980s when the home computer market was in its infancy a few youths became millionaires after programming games for home computers such as the ZX81 & ZX Spectrum –Continue reading “investelec – Investment Plan”

Pied-a-Terre Leisure Hut For Fishing

I have recently come across this Riverside Hut that can be used as a Pied-a-Terre for Fishermen & Fisherwomen & Small Families – The Wooden Hut is spacious & right next to a River – The Place, Châteauneuf-sur-Charente, is right next to the Charente River in South West France… The price for this Home AwayContinue reading “Pied-a-Terre Leisure Hut For Fishing”

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