House Plants Collection – Ibrahim d’Ewood

So far I have 3 House Plants – Here Is The Order I Received Them In : Broom Plant – Cytisus racemosus – Indoor maybe Outoors Spider Plant – Chlorophytum comosum – Indoor Fern – Nephrolepis – Indoor – Bathroom I bought 3 more plants today – 13/09/2021 – Monday – Just Found Out AboutContinue reading “House Plants Collection – Ibrahim d’Ewood”

Taste Cafe Blackburn Join Twitter On 4th August 2021

Yesterday I Helped Taste Cafe Blackburn Sign Up to Twitter – The Cafe is Amazing With Seating For 12 People & They Do Collections & Deliveries & Bend Over Backwards To Help With Your Hunger Or Thirst – I Most Often Choose A Cheese & Onion Toastie With A Cuppa Of Elichi Tea – 99pContinue reading “Taste Cafe Blackburn Join Twitter On 4th August 2021”

Ups and Downs With The Rovers – You Got Me Singing the Blues

I have been a Blackburn Rovers Fan from Being a Toddler In The 1970s When We Were In The Third Division – Dad used to take me to the pre-season friendlies & we stood in the Darwen End with the Away Fans – Dad would always wipe my mucky face from teatime with his hankyContinue reading “Ups and Downs With The Rovers – You Got Me Singing the Blues”

100 Plus Silk Ties – Dry Cleaned and Gift Wrapped Before Dispatch

Ties never go out of fashion, especially Silk Ties – I Have Just Over 100 Silk Ties In Stock Available At £5 each including Postage & Packing – Dry Cleaned & Gift Wrapped In A Choice of Designs & Colours – Suitable Gift For Fathers Day, Birthdays, Easter, Eid, Christmas & More – About 25Continue reading “100 Plus Silk Ties – Dry Cleaned and Gift Wrapped Before Dispatch”

Stand-Up Comedy – Carry On Taking The Tablets

Tickets For Sale To 18+ Comedy Lovers – What Tickles Your Fancy – Music Man & Stand-Up Comedy – 1 Hour Shows At Appealing Venues Across The UK! Music Using Synthesizer Software & 25 Key AKAI Professional Keyboard & An Arturia SparkLE Drum Machine & Stand-Up Comedy Rolled Into One – Tickets £10 Each AtContinue reading “Stand-Up Comedy – Carry On Taking The Tablets”

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