Bezza Lane News – £500 Reward

Bezza Lane, Balderstone, Near Blackburn, Lancashire,

United Kingdom. – Online Blog – Hard Copy Newsletter Upon Request (Free)

Bezza Lane is the only Place In The UK named Bezza Lane – It Is Unique & Antique!

There are lots of Walkers, Cyclists, Horse Riders & Dog Walkers along the way!  I am writing this Newsletter for the Enjoyment of the Locals of Balderstone & Beyond!

Bezza Lane is about 1 to 2 miles in length and about 10 metres wide—there is parking space just before you go on to Bezza Lane from Jackson’s Bank Road – Our Grandma On Dad’s side of the Family was originally named Elizabeth Jackson!

The reason for writing is that one Sunday I was cycling along Bezza Lane when a nice Lady said “Hello!” to me & I said “Hello!” back! Then The Lady with 2 Chihuahuas Said, “You should have asked my name, I’m single!” but I was on my Bike and didn’t think to stop!  The Lady had curly blonde hair & wore spectacles and I regretted not turning round!

The second time I saw the Lady with 2 Chihuahuas I was in a car on a Country Drive with two others but I didn’t ask to stop the car as it may have worried the Lady!  The second time I saw Her, Her hair was straight.  Please help in finding Her!

The Second Time I Saw The Lady With 2 Chihuahuas Was Near Wheelton, Lancashire! That Narrows The Search Down For You 🙂

I may have seen the Lady on her own admiring a Mansion House without Her 2 Chihuahuas but as I used to Cycle the Route each weekend I wasn’t sure who the Lady was but the Lady said something to me as I cycled past!

You Can Either Comment On This Blog Once You Find Her or Tweet Me At @CoinJewelsGifts We Used To Have A Chihuahua Named Candy!

You Can’t Miss The Lady With 2 Chihuahuas as The Lady Is Mostly With 2 Chihuahuas 🙂

The First Person Or Even Better The First Couple To Find The Lady With 2 Chihuahuas Will Gain A £500 Reward & Will Be Guests Of Honour At The #Wedding Should The 2 Chihuahua Lady & I Click! – I Would Say The 2 Chihuahua Lady Is Either Late 30s or Early 40s Of Age! I Am Aged 53 Turning 54 In January 2022!

I’ll Leave You Blog Readers & The Rest With Neil Diamond…
Money talks
But it don’t sing and dance
And it don’t walk
And long as I can have you here with me
I’d much rather be
Forever in blue jeans

The Special Song For Our Wedding…

I Will Add To This Blog Post As Things Progress – Kind Regards, Ibrahim d’Ewood

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