Clocks & Collectibles Bought & Sold 16/11/2021

Yesterday I borrowed a book from Blackburn Library – Clocks and Clock Repairing by Eric Smith – There is a lot to learn but I have the savviness of how the minute & hour hands and their gear wheels have a Ratio of 1 to 12 so that they keep proper time together.

I am now looking for defunct Clocks, Carriage Clocks, Wall Clocks, Mantle Clocks, Table Clocks & Grandfather Clocks to Sell & Repair – I won’t buy your Clock off you but I will list it for Sale on this Blog Post and when Sold I will take just 10% of the Sale Price – at First I will use a 3rd Party Clock Repairer to fix your Defunct Clock before putting your Newly Working Clock Up For Sale!

Please Comment On This Blog If You Wish To Sell Your Clock Online On This Blog with No Upfront Fees & Once Your Clock is Fixed & Working Your Newly Revamped Clock Will Be Listed For Sale For The Cost of Repair plus Intrinsic Value – The 3rd Party Repair Company or Person Will Have To Offer Credit For The Repair Job – Repairing A Clock is not Cheap but once I learn the Skills Of Clock Repairing Through Practice on the Clocks I Buy For Myself the Cost Of Repair Will be Much Less Than A 3rd Party Clock Repairer!

You may have a Clock that works just fine but perhaps you may want to sell it to get some Christmas Holiday Money – If So Just Comment on this Blog Post with the Price you want to sell at – Grandfather Clocks – Wall Clocks – Mantle Clocks – Table Clocks – Carriage Clocks & I will Promote It On This Blog Post For Just 5% Of The Sale Price!

There Is Also Room for Selling Watches – Pocket Watches & Wristwatches – Just Comment On this Blog Post – If Your Watch Is Defunct Then List It Here By Comment – No Upfront Costs & A Quick Return Depending On Rarity On Your Pocket watch or Wristwatch!

Pocket Watches & Wristwatches That You have that Work Can Also Be Sold By Commenting On This Blog Post – In Fact any Collectible Item Such As A Working ZX81 Computer Can be Listed On This Blog Post – There Are No Upfront Fees & 5% Of the Sale Price Is The Commission Taken By me! I have over 4000 Followers On twitter where I drive Traffic To This Blog – You Choose The Price For Your Working Clocks & Working Collectibles & Anything Retro Or Antique That Is Aesthetic & Collectible!

Kind Regards, Ibrahim

Listing 1 by 1 – Photos To Come & Details

i) Francis Napier (Lord Napier) Receipt of 1692

ii) Common Broom Drawing & Description – Planta Genista – Plantagenet – Poems – 3 Flowers On Reverse

iii) Bangladesh Stamps – Cricket * 3 – Silver Jubilee * 3

iv) Bangladesh Stamps – Silver Jubilee 3 in 1

v) Lancashire Dynamo & Crypto (MFG) Limited – Acton Lane, Willesden, London, NW 10 To Mr JR Duxbury – 47, St Albans Road, Darwen, Lancs

vi) Hotshot PC GamePrism Leisure Corporation – The 16 Bit Pocket Power Collection – 3.5 Inch Disc – Still To Be Tested

vii) Postcard of The Church Chipping, Lancashire – Copyright 1932 Lilywhite Ltd Sowerby Bridge – No Way Is This For Sale – This Church Is Where Our 3rd Great Grandparents were Married In the 1820sMartha Keighley born in Hothersall, Lancashire & John Brown born Whittingham, Lancashire – There is a Tradition with Weddings at The Church In that The Newlyweds Cast Money To The Guests Outside The Church – I Don’t Know If It Still Happens – The Postcard is Dated 12th August 1936 & Addressed To Mrs Chadwick, c/o of Mrs Feather, 41 Gainsborough Road, Whitegate Drive, Blackpool – Stonyhurst is mentioned!

viii) Scrap Postcard – Druk: Planeta – Haarlem – Holland Foto: Keukenhof – Colourful Flowerbeds on Front – Needs A Photo Taking

ix) A Daniel Hill PostcardBritish Buses In The NinetiesCopyright 1994 Dalby in the Isle Of Man – Registration Plate CMN 9H

x) Open Top Bus Photo Express Motors

xi) Ewood Bridge PhotoHaslingdenSports GroundStand Athletic FC

xii) Mercer & Sons LTD, 21-23 & 25 Northgate, BlackburnEstablished 1840 – Invoice To Messrs JH Bury, Duckworth Street, Darwen – 31st January 1959Signed Aspen, Orchard Hall, Great Harwood – It is now possible that Orchard Hall is renamed Mercer Hall In Great Harwood

xiii) Photo of 29 Hoddlesden Bus – Leyland Tiger Cub – Registration Plate: GBV 14E – 1967

xiv) Postcard – Tockholes Bus Single Decker – 1957 – Pike Cards

xv) Photo 86 Plymouth Bus Single Decker – Registration Plate: W606 PAFBus 48266

xvi) Postcard – Sudell Cross, Blackburn – Mailed to Mrs Dickinson, Feniscowles, Blackburn – Dated 20 August 1916

xvii) Brown Viscount Montagu Coat of Arms – Print

xviii) Photo – 2 London Buses – 1999

xix) New Row Burial GroundLivesey, Blackburn – Receipt Hetty Ward, 71 St Albans Road, DarwenApril 25th 1928 – Signed R. Walsh

xx) 1855 Envelope with Wax Seal Red One Penny Stamp

xxi) Invoice Edmund ProctorHaulage Contractor, Coal & Sand MerchantBent Hall Farm, Bull Hill, Darwen – September 1957 to Messrs W Youd Bros. – I was born at Bull Hill Maternity Hospital in 1968, 11 Years After This Invoice Was Issued

xxii) InvoiceThomas Harding Furnishing Ironmongers May 1857 – 18, Moorfields, Out Of Dale Street, Liverpool

xxiii) InvoiceErnest Threlfall, Son & Co. LTD 78 Penny Street, Lancaster – To Mister Riley March 27 1928

xxiv) Unused Booking Form From Smiths Tours70 Market StreetWigan – Now Part of Leger Shearings Group Ltd.

xxv) InvoiceThomas Crompton & Sons Ltd Ashton-in-Makerfield – near Wigan4th August 1953 To Messrs Alexander Hawkins & Sons Ltd – 125, 126, 127& 128, London Road, Southwark, London SE1

xxvi) Syd Puddefoot Cigarette Card Footballers Series (37) – J.A. Pattreiouex – Manchester – Blackburn Rovers PlayerFA Cup Winner 1928English International – See Wikipedia For His Story – A Prolific Scorer – I am a Rovers Supporter & I have a soft spot for Northampton Town who Syd Puddefoot Managed & you will no doubt know of the Evangelist Paul Hardman who had at one time the daunting task in tackling me at the BRIC whereas I now have to get up to good fitness again to run rings around him – I can guarantee that Paul will tell you how the ball used to stick to my feet – one particular assist I lined up for Paul was when I was about ten yards out and inline with the left goalpost but sideways on – the ball dropped to me spinning and my marker was onto me between Paul & myself so I had to act quick and so I stubbed the ball with my left foot so that it span over my markers head and into the path of Paul who just whacked it in one touch into the goal the marker said, “Good Goal!” to Paul but Paul just very generously said, “It was the pass!” – You Can Follow Paul On twitter @PennineFootball & Send Him A Message – Paul Is A Lot Better Football Player Than Myself Now but I Would Challenge Him To A Penalty Shootout or Even A Game Of Pool With Sabir Refereeing 🙂

xxvii) Newspaper ClippingsLancashire Football 1800s

xxviii) PostcardWatford – Old Mill, Cassiobury Park – See Wikipedia

xxix) PostcardBirthday Greetings – To Miss Steel at Broadgate Foot Heysham

xxx) Letter 1861 – Mentions Brown & Barlow

xxxi) 5 Postcards To Miss Priscilla Brown – Who Lives Walton-on-Naze & Colchester – Would Make A Great Background For An Historical Fiction Novel – One Of the Postcards Mentions a Fire In A Theatre

xxxii) Invoice & Receipt Edwin Ainsworth Funeral Directors1927 – Still Trading

xxxiii) Unused PostcardWedding PhotoBlack & White

xxxiv) Easter PostcardFlower Girl with Barrow – Addressed to Miss Mary Brogden, Brandwood Street – Darwen

xxxv) PostcardFamily Photo – Addressed To Mrs Ainsworth – Grosvenor Road – Urmston

xxxvi) Unused Postcard Altar Boys

xxxvii) 2 Postcards – Twissleton Glen – Ingleton & Thornton Foss -Ingleton – Addressed To Miss BrownInfirmary Blackburn

xxxviii) Postcard – With Best Love and Kind Regards From Eveline

xxxix) Unused Postcard – F Burton Photo – Black & White

xl) Postcard – Menton La Baie de Garavan – LL – Addressed To Miss Briggs – Brownlow HousePleasington

xli) Photo Feniscowles HallBlack & White

xlii) Postcard – From Blackpool to Darwen

xliii) Postcard – Houses of ParliamentAddressed To New Hall LanePreston

xliv) Postcard – The Three Reaches of Ullswater

xlv) PostcardHastings To

xlvi) Postcard – The Lake, Corporation Park, Blackburn To

xlvii) PostcardLooe, Cornwall – Addressed To Blackburn

xlviii) PostcardBlackpool – Uncle Tom’s Cabin to Mellor

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