Don’t Sell Drugs – Sell Technology – Hardware & Software – Mobile Phones – Power-banks – Apps & Programs -Electronics & Electrical White Goods – Books (Fiction & Non-Fiction) – CDs – DVDs – Ironmongery – Wood – Home Furnishing – Office Stationary – Office Furnishing – Clothes ( Work & Leisure) – Shoes – Trainers – Silk Ties – Cars – Cherished Numbers – Plants & Flowers – Garden Tools & Garden Furniture – New Doors & Windows & Conservatories – Bathrooms – Food & Quick Food & Soft Drinks – mp3 Files Of Beats & More…

I met a Bloke in a Halal Cafe and asked what he did for a living & straightaway he said, “I’m a drug dealer!” – I didn’t know whether he was being serious or just pulling my leg but he asked if I had a phone to sell and I told him I had bought one online and I hadn’t used it as it came without a power lead!

Now I will either sell or give the phone to the man named “Zed” which he told me was his name when I saw him the second time in the Cafe.

Currently I have over £1,000 worth of technology on a credit account with an electronic components company who deal worldwide! I have put some of the electronics on PayPal – Sell On Social – but I have had no luck so far by way of selling them – I will tell “Zed” about my technology stock and ask him if he would like to help me sell some of it so that people get interested in technology & electronics – living & learning rather than dreaming!

I know the harm drugs do – I have lost 2 good friends with drug and alcohol problems who passed away at an early age – I am a Revert Muslim so I don’t drink alcohol now but I have friends now who drink quite heavily!

I hope to help people live a cleaner & clearer life – I have always wanted to employ people & I have been a Salesman & currently I have a limited company “Brogues Banter Social Media & Shoe Shine Together LTD” with over 4,000 Followers On Twitter & Over 3,000 Friends on Facebook & over 600 Followers on Instagram and of course this Blog with nearly 30 followers!

I started in Sales in 1991 gaining Leads for uPVC Doors & Windows & Conservatories for Salespersons to Close In A Scheduled Appointment – The Work was very Enjoyable & at the same time I was trading in Private Registration Plates, Cherished Numbers, which brought in an an average of 1 sale per month with commission of about £200 on each number sold!

In 1995 I became an Internet Consultant & became very busy by leafleting & by word of mouth selling Internet Access & Developing Websites at £40 per Page – In 1995 when Blackburn Rovers, my Hometown team, won the Premier League Title, I was based at a Print Shop & a Local Artist drew sketches of Football Players for sale at £1 each which were sold on a Sale or Return Contract to Newsagents & Local Pubs & I also sold them online asking customers to stick a £1 coin to a piece of card and I once received a £1 coin from Malaysia! We sold out of the Prints in just a couple of weeks!

In 1996 when Euro 96 was being held for European National Teams I reported on each match on a separate webpage for each match and I put a counter on each match webpage and the match reports attracted 40-50 views in a day for each report!
I had a break from the Internet for a while but when I started again being much more experienced in Sales I sold £25 webpages which I developed with a Computer Program that I wrote to make a Generic Webpage. I gained just over 100 Customers in 3 Months and I aimed at 3 Sales per day for £75 per day. One day I sold to 9 Customers in an hour which returned about £200!

I started off Self-Employed as A Sole Trader but now I have a Limited Company – Brogues Banter Social Media & Shoe Shine Together LTD – There are 100 Shares in the Company & Each Share is Priced at £500 including Issue Cost!

I have been programming Computers since the early 1980s & as far as I remember I attained a Grade B in Computer Studies O-Level – I attained 8-Olevels, 1 A/O-Level in Electronics & 3 A-Levels In Maths, Physics & Chemistry!

I am into Sales & Software Development & With A Manual Or Programming Book I can become quite proficient in any Computer Programming Language as each new Language appears! That’s My Trade will be developed with Visual Studio 2022 – All Coders are Very Welcome To Help Out & Use The Software To Prove to Others That It Works!

Salespersons & Marketing Experts are Welcome To Contribute To Promoting The “That’s My Trade” Suite of Programs!

When You Start Using The “That’s My Trade” Software Suite Which Is Open Source & Freeware You Will Have The Option To Appear In The “That’s My Trade” Hard Copy Business Directory With A Free 1/16th Of An A4 page Colour Advertisement!

If You Would Like A Larger Advertisement Of The Following Sizes Of A4 1/8th – 1/4 – 1/2 or 1 Full Page You Will Have The Choice To
Also Appear At The Top Of The “That’s My Trade” Website With A Free Portal Webpage That Clicks Onto Your Main Website!

Your Trade Name Will Also Appear Separately On A Blog Post Unique To You – I Will Design The “That’s My Trade” Website So That Local IP Addresses To Your Trading Area Will Show Your Portal Page Situated On The “That’s My Trade” Website!

The “That’s My Trade” Movement – Website – Directory & Software Suite Are Aimed At Sole Traders! Larger LTD & PLC Companies Will Have The Option To Deal With Sole Trader Salespersons For A 5-Page Website At £125 Per Website i.e. £25 Per Page!

If You Are A Salesman Or A Canvasser & Classed As A Sole Trader Then You Can Work With “That’s My Trade” Gaining Leads & Selling Advertising Space To Sole Traders & Ltd & PLC Companies!

Salesperson’s Commission For A £125 5 Page Website Will Be 40% Of The Sale Price. That is £50 Per 5 Page Website Sold At £125 – Canvassers Will Gain Leads For Salespersons With Each Lead Generated For A 5 Page £125 Website At £10 Per Lead & If The Lead Sells An Extra £20 Will Be Paid To The Canvasser – Any 5 Page £125 Website Sold Will Cost £50 Salesperson + £10 Canvasser Lead Generation + £20 Canvasser On Each Sale = £80 Which Leaves £45 Of Which £25 Will Go Into a Pool For All Involved In Creating The Sale Of A 5 Page Website & The Designers Of The Website Using Inhouse Software! The Company Brogues Banter Social Media & Shoe Shine Together LTD Will Be Left With £20 For Every £125 Page Website Sold!

If You Begin As A Canvasser & Find It Enjoyable, Then You Can Progress To Being a Salesperson After A Few Weeks Of Being A Canvasser – I Want You To Be Successful – I Know What it Is Like Gaining Over 100 Customers In 3 Months As A Sole Trader! When I Did That I Went From Town To Town In Lancashire Pitching To High Street Shop Proprietors – I Travelled On the Bus To Each Town & Kept My Bus Tickets For Accounts – High Street Shop Bosses Are The Main Stay Of Customers You Will Be Pitching To & Selling To – They are Always Open 9 To 5 & All You Do Is Ask If The Boss Is In & Hand The Boss A Flyer Explaining The “That’s My Trade” Business Directory & Software Suite & $125 Website Service & Say You Will Call Back In Half an Hour – In Half an Hour You Will Cover About 15 to 20 Shops & You Go Back To The First Shop You Went To And Ask If they Are Interested, You Will Either Get A “Yes” or “No” Answer Or The Shop Boss May Pause & Think, So You Say, “You’re Interested Aren’t You?” & So You Say You’ll Knock An Agreed Percentage Off!

While You Are Just Learning Your Trade It May Be Best Working For Just 15 Hours Per Week Or 3 Hours Per Day, Monday To Friday So That You Don’t Need To Give Up All your Benefits & Tax Credits – If You Are Already Working & Are Skilled In A Particular Field & Would Like A Fresh Change Of Job Then Just Leave A Comment! You Don’t Necessarily Need A Driving Licence!

The Kind Of Sole Traders We Are On The Look Out For For The “That’s My Trade” Service Are:
Building Site Workers – Bricklayers – Pointing Workers – Roofers
High Street Proprietors
Sport & Leisure Trainers – Self Defence – Football Agents – Trainers
& Many More…

Kind Regards,
Prince Ibrahim d’Ewood – 4 Generations Of Our Family Lived On Bolton road, Ewood, Blackburn, Lancashire, England
aka DJ Lancs – Beat Maker – 30 Second Exclusive Beats Only £10

Please leave a comment whether you want a job or want to learn more : -)

Also Leave A Comment With Details Of What You Would Like To Sell Or Buy Or Swap – There Is No Charge For Commenting About Items For Sale Or To Buy Or To Swap 🙂 I f You Can’t Find An Item To Buy & It Is Not listed Just Leave A Comment 🙂

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